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A look back on 50 days of lockdown

As we take look back at the past 50 days of lockdown, we reflect on the lives impacted by this pandemic. The world as we know will not be the same. All our lives have changed whether we… Read More

A lockdown ride of 1000km helps stricken families

Matthys Beukes, took on the ride of his life when he challenged himself to cycle a whopping 1000km around his house during the Covid-19 countrywide lockdown. Although this was a personal challenge for himself, he wanted to make… Read More

Distributing food to the hungry masses calmly without causing a riot

Day 26 of lock down and hungry people are getting angry! The food crisis in South Africa due to the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic has caused unrest and looting in many cities. The slow or no distribution of much needed food hampers to those in distress, especially impoverished communities is creating a dilemma on its own.
How do we help those in distress get food without causing a riot?

Reaching out with love and hope over the Easter weekend Covid19 lock down

In a time when everyone is looking for hope, especially those who have little or nothing, hope was given. Driven by love and compassion, we helped deliver 200 food parcels, 100 hand sanitisers and 850 received a warm hearty meal.

Vivian Molebatsi speaks out! The impact of the lock down on the poor is showing!

The impact of the lock down for over half (55.5%) of the population living below the upper-bound poverty line is showing. With little or no way to earn any sort of income, food and basic necessities become inaccessible. THIS IS A CALL FOR HELP!

Each delivery of food and sanitisers means more lives saved

As we help the impoverished communities with food, sanitisers and basic needs, we are helping to save lives. The coronavirus is contagious and can spread quickly, especially in congested communities. As we help deliver food to the poor, widows, single moms, orphans and the aged, we help them stay at home which helps in our fight to stop the spread.

Covid19 Coronavirus will not hold us back from bringing aid to the poor

Humanitarian Empowerment Fund NPC is designated as an essential service entity. During the lock down, we are delivering basic foods, soaps, hand sanitisers and other essential supplies to the poor and destitute. Our Operational Director, Clete Stevis can… Read More

The coranavirus, Hygiene and its impact on the poor

HEF is on a mission to help the poor and less fortunate understand what the coronavirus is and how to practice good hygiene. On Human Rights Day, 21 March 2020, volunteers took to the streets on the impoverished… Read More

Orphans smile as they are blessed with full school kit

Orphans smile as they receive school uniforms, school bags, shoes, stationery and more. Thank you to everyone who donated.

The Kings School West Rand assist with education for the poor

An exciting partnership has formed between The King’s School West Rand (based in Roodepoort) and Lesedi Pre-Primary (in Zenzele near Randfontein). In this week, the teachers from Lesedi Pre-Primary visited King’s School for a day of fact finding… Read More

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