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Distributing food to the hungry masses calmly without causing a riot

Day 26 of lock down and hungry people are getting angry! The food crisis in South Africa due to the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic has caused unrest and looting in many cities. The slow or no distribution of much needed food hampers to those in distress, especially impoverished communities is creating a dilemma on its own. 

How do we help those in distress get food without causing a riot? 

We believe organisations like us and churches who already have systems and structures in place can help.

Distribution day and zero incidents! 

The HEF team, assisted of the fantastic Ethembeni team, managed to mass distribute 650 bags of maize meal. HEF delivered a further 200 personally to homes. Completed within lock down protocols, social distancing and ensuring hygiene measures were practised.

We did this without causing panic or creating a riot.

Thank you to the local ward counsellors and the manager of health and social services from Rand West Local Municipality for your kind assistance. 

A big thank you to Ethembeni for the generous donation of the maize meal.

The preparation behind the scenes! 

HEF has been working in Zenzele for more than 10 years assisting with upliftment and sustainable projects. We have created a trust relationship and mutual respect in this community.   

The HEF essential workers team, with the assistance of the local church, identified around 1000 homes in the impoverished community of Zenzele who did not have food or had very little. Each home was given a stamped ticket and their names were recorded. With this ticket they could collect a bag of maize meal on our distribution day.

What is happening in your area? 

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