A foundational element of sustainability and community upliftment is Education in all forms and for everyone.  HEF is involved from cradle to career. With the focus on Early Child Development (ECD), Women Empowerment and Social-Economic Development (SED).

Early Child Development (ECD)

ECD centres and supplementary programs have been established in communities. Teachers are trained to run the centres and programs. Agriculture is also used as an element in the ECD curriculum.

Currently running and being supported is Lesedi Pre-Primary in Zenzele, Children’s Heaven Day Care in Princess (Roodepoort), Lego programs in Zenzele and Newclare and introduction to Agriculture in Zenzele.

Youth Development

Youth development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youth develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. Current support and programs include sport clinics and education.

Socia-Economic Development (SED)

The strategy is about empowering communities with resources, support and skills that ultimately lead to better lives. In colloboration with partners, HEF is able to assist the unemployed and those skilled but without certification.

Agricultural Training

In conjunction with ABBA Initiatives, HEF supply various Agricultural training initiatives.  This include the training of dedicate agricultural community influencers, home gardens, community gardens, etc. 

Skills Development and Entrepreneurship

Providing basic computer training, IT courses, sales and marketing courses. Creating job opportunities and small business start-ups.

Adult Education

HEF have various HEF Adult Educational initiatives and programmes.  This include basic literacy, skills development, job preparations, rehabilitations, etc.

Hygiene Education

Hygiene education includes teaching practices for keeping our bodies, our homes, and our natural surroundings clean. Personal hygiene education is one of the most powerful barriers to stopping the spread of diseases, such as the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Personal Development

The key to personal development is to be able to develop one’s social, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects. Personal development enables people to gain confidence in themselves and to have a personal vision and goals for the future.