The Family to Family and Pet to Pet Challenge:

A campaign to feed hungry families during lockdown

As the effects of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic set it, many families are stricken and have become desperate. This is a challenge to your family who have enough to help those who have nothing. Make a donation of any amount and then challenge others to do the same or better. Together we are making a difference!

We have not forgotten our pets! While the struggle is real with people, it is also for pets as they are often neglected or considered non-essential.  

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We just helped feed a family stricken by the Covid-19 lockdown, we challenge your family to do the same. It’s quick and simple. Together we are making a real difference!

Step 1: Start here

After donating, you will come back to this page to complete step 2.

Donation allocation: Family to family challenge donations will be used to purchase nutritional food hampers and forms part of the Humanitarian Empowerment Fund NPC (HEF) pandemic relief for the poor campaign

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