Food Security

It is almost impossible to think of education, restoration or any other holistic approach to a community without first ensuring the people have food to eat.  Hence this is a key focus area for HEF.  

The long-term goal is fully sustainable food security programmes for the communities.  There will be many food distributions and handouts, but the focus must be on a sustainable solution over the long term.

Organic Food Farming and Job Creation

Our vision is to assist communities and households become food secure & self-sustaining from a nutritional point of view by creating environmentally friendly and sustainable community gardens that give birth to home gardens and thereby addressing food security, poverty, hunger, malnutrition, ECD and in general, the upliftment of communities.

Community Bakeries

Our 3 bakeries are located in Newclare and Alexandra, Gauteng and Elsies River, Western Province with plans for more bakeries in other communities. These bakeries ensure a constant supply of bread for community soup kitchens, breakfast and lunches for school-going children and food for the poor.

In line with our vision to holistically empower communities, we hope to have some of our bakeries self-sustaining. This provides job opportunities, skills development and encourages entrepreneurship. With this approach, some of the bread is sold, although at a highly discounted rates, to the community at large. With plans to expand to other baked goods like bread rolls, pies etc.

Aid Relief

Our mission is to help communities with self-sustaining solutions to food security. However, there will always be the need to provide immediate aid in the form of maize, vegetables and food hampers.

Covid-19 and recent disasters have had a devastating impact on the livelihood of so many people in our country and in particular the poor and less fortunate. The impact of the devastation has not ended, a large number of people are struggling to find jobs and/or get their lives back on track.