61 Kingfisher Street, Horizon, Gauteng, South Africa | PBO 930063513 info@hefund.org +27 11 958-5051

Holistic Approach

Our Sole Purpose and Mission is to HOLISTICALLY Change the Circumstances of People and Communities to Empower Them

Building Sustainable Communities through Economic Development and Foundation Work

Our 3 areas of focus include:

  1. Rehabilitation
  2. Food Security
  3. Education


Our programs include:

  1. Prisoner rehabilitation
  2. Substance abuse rehabilitation
  3. Centers of excellence
  4. Retreats
  5. Youth programs
  6. Sport
  7. Evangelism

Food Security

  1. Entrepreneurial & Employment
  2. Mentorship and Incubation
  3. Smart Agriculture
  4. Water source for communities 


  1. Early Childhood Development
  2. Basic Education
  3. Bursaries – Higher Learning  
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