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Sustainable Organic Home Garden planted for Orphans

Earlier this month, we visited an orphan home in the Zenzele community. We were there to bless them with a food parcel, some clothes and gifts. Our hearts broke as we discovered how these children have no support and need to fend for themselves. Vaughan McTaggart, MD of ABBA Initiatives was with us and together, we decided to do something that will empower them to help themselves.

Love and compassion is the compelling force behind why we do this. Part of HEF’s 2020 Food Security vision for Zenzele is to plant 100 sustainable organic home gardens in the community. Our first priority will be for orphans, widows and large families. 

These organic gardens will provide a healthy food source for the homes and a means to sell for profit. HEF, in collaboration with ABBA and AFGRI, will implement a year program to train these households on running sustainable gardens.

To learn more or to make a donation, please contact us.


Lego donated towards our Early Child Development program in Zenzele

Today, the team at Ethembeni dropped off boxes of Lego at the pre-primary school in Zenzele. This will greatly assist the children in early child development.

Thank you Frank and Ethembeni. We are privileged to have you as a partner!

Soccer Legends team up with HEF – SuperSport was there

In association with HEF, a soccer clinic was held by SA soccer legends in June 2019. Love PSL from SuperSport was on the scene to report.

The legends tell why they do this and the impact it has on the community. Staton (Stiga) Fredericks shares on how he came from these circumstances and how important it is to give back.

Clete Stevis, HEF Director, has a vision to impact communities holistically and soccer plays a huge role.

ABBA and AFGRI team up with HEF to implement a sustainable gardens program

ABBA, a AFGRI initiative has taken hands with HEF to plant sustainable gardens in impoverished communities. Starting with Zenzele. This video shows the the team planting the first gardens on our property. Our goal is to empower the community to grow sustainable gardens at their homes to both feed themselves and generate an income by selling to others.

The Kings School West Rand assist with education for the poor

An exciting partnership has formed between The King’s School West Rand (based in Roodepoort) and Lesedi Pre-Primary (in Zenzele near Randfontein). In this week, the teachers from Lesedi Pre-Primary visited King’s School for a day of fact finding and discussions. The teachers from King’s School did the same with a visit to Lesedi Pre-Primary.  

This is an important milestone in our endeavour to bring good education to under-privileged communities. Children are our future and we need to invest correctly in them. We will begin with the Pre-Primary phase of education and with the help of partners and The King’s School West Rand, we will grow the school to primary school level and the high school. Proper facilities will be built as we develop.  Watch this space! Consider donating to a very uplifting and life changing cause.

How you can help.

The beneficiaries, aged 3 months to 5 years are given 3 basic meals a day, education and stationery.
A donation of R750 covers one child for one month.

Any donated amount makes a difference. Thank you.

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Soccer Legends Making a Difference to those in Prison

On Wednesday, 13 February, Humanitarian Empowerment Fund (HEF) in association with SA soccer legends, held a soccer clinic at the Krugersdorp Correctional Centre.

Prisoners surrounded the fields in their orange attire as they cheered and encouraged fellow inmates being coached by some of their heroes.

Some of the senior prison officials were there in support and commended HEF for this undertaking and spoke of how events like this make a huge difference to the overall moral of the prisoners.

HEF uses sport as a touch point to provide opportunities for the less fortunate of communities. This is also contributes to keeping young people away from crime and drugs. At the same time, sport is being used in prisons to assist with or contribute towards rehabilitation of prisoners.

To follow

A soccer match between SA Soccer Legends and the Krugersdorp prison 11. Not to be missed!

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