Our History

HEF has officially launched but the work has been in operation for years

It all started in 1986 by a mother who had compassion for her neighbours in the impoverished community of Newclare. Her home quickly became a beacon of light as it grew to her feeding 100’s of people on a daily basis with food, that had reached its sell-by-date, donated by retail stores and donations from caring family members and friends. Her home was open to anyone who would come. Her sacrificial lifestyle has had an immense impact on many lives but especially her children who grew up in these conditions and were witnesses to a mother who cared beyond. Her name is Maureen Stevis.

Her son, Clete Stevis, his wife Luzette and Leonard Watts, followed in her footsteps in 2008 and have been involved in the upliftment of many lives and communities in Gauteng. Operating solely from personal finances, donations from family and friends and some companies, Clete, Luzette and volunteers have been part of providing homes, educational facilities and equipment, bursaries, food, clothing, caring for the widows and orphans and those who are in prison. With a passion to make a greater impact and truly provide a holistic solution for communities and its people, HEF was birthed. As of December 2018, we are pleased to announce that our PBO number has been granted, which now affords us to issue tax deductible receipts (18a certificates) to companies wanting to contribute.

We want to honour Maureen Stevis for her pioneer work and the example she set Clete while growing up. Thank you for your contribution to society and mankind. We salute you!

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