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2019 in review

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Water Well in Uitkyk

Our current priority project

The poor community of Uitkyk in the North West Province, South Africa, with a population of about 3500 people, do not have an adequate water source. They rely on a weekly supply of water from containers which serve for drinking, cooking and washing.

As a priority project, HEF will come to their aid by drilling and installing a water well. The well will provide an additional source to assist the community with water to grow crops and with sanitation.

Bapong Community

HEF has a holistic vision and plan for the community of Bapong, North West Province, South Africa. With an estimated population of 40 000, they do not have adequate facilities or services a community of this size should have. To date, we have been able to provide food and clothing for the very poor of the community, however, this is not a sustainable solution. This will be HEF’s plan for 2019/2020.

  1. Erect a multi-purpose community centre. This will be constructed using shipping containers (watch our overview video to learn more). This facility will serve as a meeting hall, wellness clinic, classrooms for skills development, basic education etc.
  2. Volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care providers will use this facility to offer their services periodically as their contribution to the wellbeing of the poor of this community. If needed, HEF will provide necessary medical equipment and medicines.
  3. A soup kitchen will be implemented and on a daily basis feed the very poor of the community.
  4. HEF will also erect a sport facility and offer sport clinics. To begin with, we will focus on soccer and netball. Through the sport clinics, any person with talent will be given the opportunity to join a professional program. With the help of SA soccer legends, this will be made possible.
  5. With the help of community leaders, we will implement skills development programs and provide any needed equipment etc.
  6. Depending on available funds, we will also build low cost houses, starting with those who experienced the greatest loss or have the greatest need.

Zenzele Community

Clete Stevis and volunteers have been involved with this community for a few years already. Now through HEF, we will be able to further empower this community holistically. Here are the identified areas/touch points:

  1. Erect a sports facility, with the focus on soccer and netball.
  2. Implement sport clinics, starting with soccer and netball. Through the sport clinics, any person with talent will be given the opportunity to join a professional program, made possible with the help of SA soccer legends.
  3. Provide support for Lesedi Pre-Primary School, supplying learning material, educational toys and salaries for the teachers.
  4. With the help of King’s School West Rand, start a primary school beginning with grade 1 and building from there on a year to year basis. HEF will assist with providing a school facility.
  5. Volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care providers have offered their services for the wellbeing of the poor of this community. If needed, HEF will provide necessary medical equipment and medicines.
  6. Bursaries for identified individuals wanting to study further or improve on skills.
  7. A soup kitchen is currently running feeding school going children on a daily basis.

Children’s Heaven Day Care

This Day Care is situated close to an informal settlement in Princess, a suburb of Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa. Portia and her team, provide a wonderful service to parents who need a safe place to leave their children while at work. Most parents cannot afford to pay for the service, therefore, subsidising is needed. HEF assists with educational toys, salaries and provides hampers and clothing in winter and a special celebration with gifts for all at the end of each year. HEF also assists this Day Care with monthly consumables, like food, nappies and so on.

Prison Rehabilitation

Sport events in the prisons is an effective touch point to assist with the rehabilitation of inmates. We are thankful to SA soccer legends who have made themselves available to assist with a soccer clinic which will be held on 13 February 2019. HEF in association with DSTV SuperSport will host the event. Some of Bafana Bafana legends like Fabian McCarthy, Stanton “Stiga” Fredricks, Matthew Booth and Brian Baloi will be couches for the day.  These legends mentioned also happen to be Super Sport presenters.  Super Sport will record the event which will be aired on DSTV.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

The Centre of Hope in Newclare, Johannesburg, South Africa is truly a centre of hope for men who want to live free from substance abuse, specifically drugs and alcohol. Through counselling and support men are assisted with the process of being accepted back into the community. The centre also assists with job recruitment.

HEF assists with contributions towards runnings costs of the centre as well as subsidies for those who simply cannot afford the program fees.

Watch our overview video to see how we assisted with improving the facility’s living conditions.

Daily and Ongoing

Besides the focussed projects mentioned, HEF provides financial as well as food and clothing to the poor, widows and orphans of the various communities. Bursaries are also provided to those identified by community leaders.

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