Restoration and rehabilitation of people are focus areas in our vision to holistically support a community. This leads to the reduction of crime, general upliftment and hope for the future.

Centres of Excellence

Various centres of excellences are established in the communities to address the various restoration and rehabilitation activities.  People are trained and equipped to handle the various situations to restore individuals back into the communities. 


A human consists out of body, soul and spirt. To holistically address a community, it is important to also look at sport. In conjunction with the Bafana Legends, HEF had various training schools and soccer clinics over the past few years.

Dignity for Women

The violation of women’s human rights greatly undermines the growth and development of the potential of women being fully realised. HEF runs various campaigns to assist and empower women find their dignity and rightful place in society.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

We are in partnership with various institutions and individuals to deal with the rehabilitation and restoration of people caught up in substance abuse.


Various retreat and training interventions are organised by HEF to supply the correct perspective and support to people to restore and reset to a better future.  Trained and qualified individuals are used to run these intervention sessions. 

Youth Programs

Our youth is the future! Operations include sports, camps, workshops and training interventions during holidays, extra classes, etc.

Prisoner Rehabilitation

Various programmes are run and supported by HEF in the various prisons to assist in rehabilitating inmates and manage the process from prison to successful integration back into community life.