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Sustainable Organic Home Garden planted for Orphans

Earlier this month, we visited an orphan home in the Zenzele community. We were there to bless them with a food parcel, some clothes and gifts. Our hearts broke as we discovered how these children have no support and need to fend for themselves. Vaughan McTaggart, MD of ABBA Initiatives was with us and together, we decided to do something that will empower them to help themselves.

Love and compassion is the compelling force behind why we do this. Part of HEF’s 2020 Food Security vision for Zenzele is to plant 100 sustainable organic home gardens in the community. Our first priority will be for orphans, widows and large families. 

These organic gardens will provide a healthy food source for the homes and a means to sell for profit. HEF, in collaboration with ABBA and AFGRI, will implement a year program to train these households on running sustainable gardens.

To learn more or to make a donation, please contact us.


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