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The Mission

Humanitarian Empowerment Fund NPC (HEF) was founded for the sole purpose of changing lives and circumstances for communities, families and individuals from all cultures with a holistic approach.The main areas where humanitarian aid will be provided, but not limited to:

  • Building of community centres to provide literacy and skills development. A safe haven for abused woman and children.
  • Nourishment programs for school children and providing a safe environment for children.
  • Wellness clinics in rural communities.
  • Bursaries for schooling, college and university to under privileged children.
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres focusing on the empowerment of the individuals as well as breaking of the cycle of dependency.

HEF’s mission can only be achieved through focused holistic projects. By connecting and taking hands with community leaders, we can empower from within the communities leading to sustainable and long-term solutions.

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