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Project: Empowering Through School Gardens

HEF embraces creative endeavors and collaborative ventures aimed at addressing the fundamental reasons behind food insecurity. We provide enduring, holistic solutions that not only nourish the physical well-being but also uplift the spirit. Our dedication lies in disrupting the hunger cycle and restoring dignity and honor to families in distress.

Empowering Through School Gardens

Our flagship program focuses on the creation of sustainable organic vegetable gardens in schools. Our school gardens empower learners of all ages, starting with early child development (ECD), where we instill the fundamentals of gardening and sustainable practices. After school students benefit from exposure to small-scale farming and agricultural entrepreneurship, equipping them with vital skills for the future.

Help us establish more school gardens in low income areas

All donations are tax deductible within South Africa
NPC 2018/333553/08 / NPO 248-544 / PBO 930063513 | Level 1 BEE


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