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Zenzele gets a bakery!

We are thrilled that this day has finally come. The community of Zenzele now has a fully operational bakery supplying fresh low cost bread for the community. Everyday, this bakery is producing 400 loaves, of which 200 loaves are donated to local pre-schools, creches and the less fortunate. The other 200 is sold to the community at a low cost of just R10. 

This is a huge boost for this growing community of around 5000 homes. Alongside our Grow Your Own Food program where we have a community vegetable garden and 100’s of home gardens, the less fortunate have access to fresh vegetables and now fresh locally baked delicious bread. 

A heartfelt thank you to ABBA for making this possible. This community will benefit from the bakery for years to come. With your generous donation, you are helping us fulfil our mission, to empower people and assist communities with sustainable programs. Together, we are being the difference and look forward to what lies ahead.

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